KEIS employs highly trained teachers with expertise in early childhood education, learning goals tied to K–12 standards, low child/staff ratios, and small class sizes. Our Pre-K syllabus is based on the Creative Curriculum, a program that incorporates the latest research and best practices while meeting the needs of all types of learners.

The Creative Curriculum contains important developmental strands: social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language. These strands are integrated and taught within themed units throughout the year, using interest centers based around drama, science, literature, art, creative play, music, building blocks, gross motor/outdoor play, and other free-play choices.

Other daily activities to promote developmental skills in all areas include discussions of themes, songs and poems, show and tell, stories, games, and assembly performances. Students are encouraged to express themselves and share their experiences.

Our modern facilities and cheerful classrooms open onto outdoor spaces and are equipped with wonderful opportunities for exploration and discovery that enable children to develop confidence, creativity and lifelong critical thinking skills.

Kindergarten 1 (KG1)

The KG1 program has been adapted from the U.S. Creative Curriculum for Preschool to accommodate the international nature of our students and families. The program has all the elements of the American standards with the addition of Health, Arabic and Islamic Studies, History of Qatar, ICT, and the creative Arts (Music, Art, and Performance). The play-based day in KG1 allows children to work at their own pace while having opportunities to develop relationships in a variety of learning environments.

Kindergarten 2 (KG2)

The KG2 program follows U.S. curriculum standards for Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. Students also have components of Social Studies, Health, Arabic and Islamic Studies, History of Qatar, ICT, and the creative Arts (Music, Art, and Performance). Subjects are taught through a combination of direct instruction and play-based activities (group, pairs, and individual) that allows students to connect their learning experiences and develop higher-order thinking skills in a personal, meaningful way.


Language Arts integrates skills that include reading, writing, spelling, speaking, and listening. The development of these skills is supported through appropriate fiction and non-fiction works to gain a rich understanding of language and communication.

The study of Mathematics includes basic computation, problem solving, and real-life applications, with computers and technology integrated appropriately. The Math program is supplemented by the use of manipulative materials to provide concrete experiences that lead to conceptual understanding and the development of higher-order thinking skills.

Through our Science program, students are encouraged to develop and exhibit an understanding of key scientific concepts and principles. As they develop their capacity for scientific thinking and processing, they will also be developing skills such as questioning, predicting, and making connections between their lives and the world around them. Students study life, physical, earth, and space science supported by an engineering component.

In Social Studies, students are prepared to become responsible, participatory citizens in a global society. The program takes advantage of the school’s setting in Qatar and its international character by using instructional materials that integrate Arabic, Islamic, and global studies. The Social Studies curriculum covers four strands: Civics, Economics, Geography, and History.

Course Options

In addition to the core subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, our curriculum includes Encore courses such as Art, IT, Music, Physical Education, Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, and Qatar History. Exploratory classes rotate throughout the year and include areas of study such as Model United Nations, Presentation Skills, Computer Coding, World Government, Mock Trials, Journalism, and Photography.